Titan Sports Pembroke

Welcome to the Titan Sports website!   This site is intended to support the needs of group orders.  It will contain links to group orders for a particularly athletic program or school initiative which will have a predetermined opening and closing date.  If you wish to purchase something outside of these group initiatives, please visit our workshop.   

The most frequently question asked....What are your hours?

Our workshop is located at 808 Washington Street in Pembroke.  We refer to it as a workshop rather than a storefront because the purpose of this location is to fulfill orders.  It is where we customize all of our merchandise.  The embroidery machines are almost always running.  We welcome retail sales when we are there working and also by appointment.   Typically, the workshop is accessible six days a week including many evenings.  The actual hours will vary based upon the current sports season!    Supporting youth athletics starts with our own athletes!  Please don't hesitate to call and confirm our availability.   781-826-7400  If you reach the answering machine, be sure to leave a message!  Please don't assume that if we don't answer that we are not there!